TherapyContaining your emotions does not mean bottling up your agony until the pressure becomes unbearable. Sometimes, the best way to control yourself is to admit that you feel out of control and helpless. Once you have acknowledged the presence of a problem, our doctors can begin analyzing and addressing the real sources of that problem. We understand that trust is inherently difficult to establish, especially with a professional who is paid to help you, but please realize our doctors genuinely care about you.

Therapy is an essential component of psychiatric care and one of the most effective mental health treatments. People often compare therapy to venting to close friends and question the merit of speaking with licensed professionals. The difference between venting and truly exploring your feelings with a psychiatrist is that our doctors will offer scientifically reliable and pragmatic solutions to your problems. Our team of experts is also better equipped to diagnose and treat serious abuse and highly traumatic experiences.

When people hear the word “therapy,” they tend to envision a person laying on a couch babbling about everyday nuisances. In reality, therapy entails a wide array of curative practices. Integrated Behavioral Health doctors may teach you breathing exercises to help you manage your anxiety, or we may utilize technology to promote healthy coping skills. For instance, someone suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder may benefit from gradual exposure to triggering stimuli via computer simulation.

We do not expect you to divulge all your thoughts and feelings in the first session, but we do encourage you to be as honest and forthcoming as possible. However trivial or insignificant you may deem an event has no bearing on how critically that event can impact your mood and behavior. Our doctors view your experiences through an objective, trained lens and provide a perspective free of bias and judgment. We ensure a safe and confidential environment and promise to help you work through your problems.

Discover the source of your suffering and learn how to expel stress in constructive ways.