Adult and Senior Psychiatry

IBHUS - Adult and Senior PsychiatryAging is a natural process that often has unfortunate side effects on the brain. Though dementia and other similar disorders are common in the elderly, they can effectively be treated and improved with the use of medication and mental exercises. Mental health issues affect individuals of all ages and upbringings and should not be stigmatized as unnatural or untreatable. Integrated Behavioral Health believes a healthy mind is crucial for living a happy, fulfilling life. Don’t let stress weigh you down or dictate your actions.

Our doctors understand the reality of growing older. Certain afflictions such as Alzheimer’s disease can dramatically affect your life and become a debilitating hazard if left unchecked. We prescribe medications and suggest helpful games and routines to improve your memory and cognitive acuity. We also understand that elderly people can suffer from other disorders such as depression and anxiety. Integrated Behavioral Health’s passionate team of doctors will help you deal with the triggers of your stress.

Though many people associate aging with mental deterioration, the truth is that your cerebral functions can be maintained with the proper treatment and effort. Your brain is just like the muscles in your body; as you age, your muscles undergo changes and can weaken due to repeated injuries or usage. Similarly, those muscles can heal and strengthen with the right rehabilitation. We believe that talking to a therapist or participating in psychiatric therapy is the psychological equivalent to physical training.

The quality of your life and capability of your mind do not have to disappear as you grow older.