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Aging/Geriatric Services

The changes that often come in later life, such as retirement, the death of loved ones, increased isolation, medical problems, and chronic psychical pain, can lead to functioning changes in those who are aging. As we age, it is important to have clinicians who are aware of and knowledgeable about medication side effects and interactions, physical health problems, and other medical and situational factors which can impact functioning levels of the aging. It is for this reason that our clinicians treat the “whole” person.

At IBH, we have clinicians who specialize in the treatment of older adults, ages 55 and older, including Board Certified Geriatric Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, and Licensed Counselors and Social Workers.

Our clinicians start treatment by obtaining a complete history of the patient’s medical and mental health, family support system, living situation, and general mental status. Tests, such as mental status exams, depression scales, etc. can and may be utilized to aid in proper diagnosis and treatment.

In most cases, IBH will consult with the patient’s support systems, including family members and other healthcare providers, in order to ensure that the patient understands and is able to follow the decided upon treatment plan. Our staff may also recommend additional community and medical resources to help and assist the patient and family.

Sometimes, inpatient hospitalization may be necessary to provide a safe and thorough evaluation. Dr. Malhotra serves as the Medical Director for three inpatient geriatric psychiatric units including Shoals Senior Care in Florence, Alabama, LifeSprings in Pulaski, Tennessee, and Behavioral Healthcare Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

IBH currently provides aging services on an outpatient basis in any of our five our offices, as well as onsite in residential, assisted, and skilled care facilities in Alabama and Tennessee, including Fayetteville, Tennessee.

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